small steps to journal my attempt to learn at 41yrs.

In the recent learning session — curtain raised to Solve & disrupt — while the session progressed, I wondered which comes first (logically disrupt) — but the answer may not be that. When something sounds logically we say that is right, but, the learning lies is not understanding first and allowing answer to appear. Confirming to a pattern is transactional form of learning, the hint was transformational learning. Something that questions your mental models and identity to arrive at the solve. Disruption in that sense is disrupting these natural, almost given patterns to questions your thinking and arriving at a new form of thinking. Disrupt is means to an end. With saying end, I contradict transformational — it is not to start with an objective (end goal) but journey till the answers are no more found. Both Transactional and Transformational process is important, not sequential I’d imagine. Menu is not food. Discovering what will work and in the process finding what stops you from thinking differently and discovering is learning.

That was my Day 1.